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Will your family be protected when YOU ARE GONE?

5500 Oakbrook Parkway, Suite #260 Norcross,
GA 30093


  • Life insurance

  • Funeral Prevision Services

  • Wills/Estate Planning


  • Personal Credit

  • Business Credit




  • Budget Management

  • Credit and Savings

  • Privatized Banking

About Our Organization

I Chose Today (Ya Decidí) Corp is an organization that exists to offer services and general advice to our community. Since 2009, our reason for existing has always been to provide a variety of social services to our community in the great city of Atlanta, Ga. We serve more than 500 families annually. We operate as a community resource center for families and their businesses where all kinds of needs can be resolved, from the birth of a new baby to the funeral of a loved one and everything in between.

The mission is to provide professional services to all families regardless of their income. We believe strong families create a stable and prosperous community. We strive to provide services that strengthen the family and that progressively improves the quality of life.

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